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Bird & Tole Air Sampling Products
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Bird & Tole Air Sampling Products

Welcome to the website for Cougar Engineering Services.

Cougar Engineering Services manufacture a wide range of Bird & Tole Air Sampling Products including personal, enviromental and stack sampling. For example, the 601 series of Air Sampling pumps offer an effective soloution for Companies/Establishments to carry out air monitoring in laboratories or general workplaces by Health Physics departments or similar.

A variety of options are offered for these units to enable the monitoring of different Filter Cards & Papers, all of which can be supplied by Bird & Tole in shrink wrapped boxes. Various other Filter Holders are offered that can be mounted individually or within a pipeline. Most products are able to be modified to meet the Customer specification.

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Latest News

May 2015

New for 2015, the BTS309 Card Mounted Filter Holder, offered in Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel, can now be supplied to house the standard S.A.S. type.
This robust filter holder allows the user to change the card by a simple operation of the handle which opens the aperture to accommodate the card. Details can be found in the products page within the Filter Holder tab. Look for the BTS309 SAS photos.

October 2014

New for 2014, the BTS174 P.A.S. (Personal Air Sampler) has been given a fresh new look with a grey anodised body. Visit the relevant web page for further details and photos.
June 2014

Website has now been updated. Please click into product of interest for photos.

12/12/11 - New for 2012 ~ Website & Email address

Rolling out for 2012, is our brand new website built in a simple format to enable visitors to quickly find products and information. The new address for the site is under the 'Cougar Engineering Services' Company name but those who still use the old 'Bird and Tole' address will find an immediate link to avoid confusion.
In addition, the new email address; sales@cougarengineeringservices.co.uk is now active. The old sales@birdandtole.co.uk address is still in use however so please feel free to use it.

For those who wish to comment, please do so by emailing us here.

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