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BTS124 Cascade Centripeter (click for photo/s)
BTS159 Enclosure (click for photo/s)
BTS176 Air Ejector (click for photo/s)
BTS395 Cone Assembly (click for photo/s)
BTS483 Disc Filter Holder (click for photo/s)
BTS601/54 Vacuum Pump (click for photo/s)
BTS601/56 Pump Vane Set (click for photo/s)
BTS600 Rotameter Glass & Float (click for photo
BTS309/6 'O'-ring set (click for photo/s)
BTS158/7 Neoprene Gasket (click for photo/s)
BTS327/nozzle (click for photo/s)
BTS327/saddle (click for photo/s)
Other Products & Spares
The Cascade Centripeter is an instrument developed to obtain information on the concentration and size distribution of aerosols. The unit is mounted on a BTS601 Air Sampler utilising the 6cm Filter Holder.


The instrument is in the form of a tube approximately 38mm diameter and 180mm long in which air cascades through a series of three orifices of diminishing diameter and successively finer fractions of the aerosol are collected by the nozzles located behind them. The separated particles are retained on circles of glass fibre filter paper inserted behind the nozzles in a manner convenient for weighing, microscopical examination or radio assay. When sampling at 30 litres per minute, the diameters of the unit density spherical particles collected by the three stages lie largely within the ranges > 14 microns, 4 to 14 microns and 1.2 to 4 microns, the smallest particles less than 1.2 microns which escape removal by the three centripeter stages are collected by a final 6cm filter paper through which all the air passes.
The BTS159 is a stainless steel 'Rittal' enclosure designed for inside or outside installation.

The enclosure houses a BTS158 modified in-line Filter Holder with an intake on the top face and a smooth hole at the bottom to allow for a flexi pipe on the outlet if required. A ball valve is mounted on the 'up-line' of the filter holder to allow for the filter change.

Ordering code:

BTS159 - Stainless Steel Filter Holder Enclosure

The Air Ejector is designed for a wide range of general sampling applications where a sampling pump is required. The unit is powered by either clean compressed air or any pressurised non-toxic, non-flammable gas from a cylinder. This makes its use ideally suited to those applications where it may be inconvenient or inappropriate to use an electrically powered mechanism.

Ordering code:

BTS176      -      Air Ejector
The Cone & Hose adapter option gives the Air Sampler (BTS 601) the ability to sample air from a pipeline. The assembly is also used on the In-Line Filter Holders BTS 309 & BTS 158 range. The Cone comes with a screwed cap and pipe adapter* that screws directly onto the 6cm Filter Holder (BTS158). SMC ‘One-touch’ pneumatic fittings also available as an option; please contact us for further information.

Ordering code:
BTS395 - Cone & Hose Adapter

NB: Please specify SS at the end of the order code if Stainless Steel is preferred
The Disc Filter Holder

Ordering code:

BTS483 - Disc Filter Holder

NB: Please specify SS at the end of the order code if Stainless Steel is preferred

Spare vacuum VTE6 Rietschle vacuum pump as used in the BTS601 Air Sampling Unit

Ordering code:

BTS601/54 - VTE6 Vacuum Pump

NB: Please specify 240 or 110 VAC at the end of the order code for desired voltage
The Rietschle VTE6 vacuum pump requires periodic maintenance (minimum of once per year) in the form of new filter & vanes.

Ordering code:

BTS601/56 - Cone VTE6 Vane Set
All Air Samplers in our range utilises Roxspur Measurement & Control items. In the case of the need for replacement, please specify the required code below that corresponds to your ASU.

Ordering code:

BTS600/a - Rotameter & Glass for BTS601
BTS600/b - Rotameter & Glass for BTS601 LoFlo
BTS600/c - Rotameter & Glass for BTS602 LoFlo
BTS600/d - Rotameter & Glass for BTS610 LoFlo
BTS600/e - Rotameter & Glass for BTS611

The BTS309 In-Line Filter Holder requires yearly inspection for damage and/or wear. If these require replacement, quote the code below. Supplied in a kit of 4.
Ordering code:

BTS309/6 - 'O'-Ring set

The BTS158 & BTS309 In-Line Filter Holder require yearly inspection for damage and/or wear. If the Neoprene gaskets require replacement, quote the code below. Also used in the BTS601.
Ordering code:

BTS158/7 - Gasket
The BTS327 Stack Sampling Kits iso-kinetic nozzle is designed to be screwed on and off of the iso-kinetic tubes adapter. In the event of a change of flow specs or damage to nozzle, it can be replaced using the code below. 
Ordering code:

BTS327/nozzle - Iso-kinetic Nozzle

NB: Please specify size of nozzle required

In the event of the requirement of a Stack Sampling Kit on a round stack with no saddle fitted, a bespoke design can be made to suit. Contact us with information quoting the code below.
Ordering code:

BTS327/saddle - Stack Sampling Saddle
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